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Open letter to all screenwriters!

An Open Letter To All Screenwriters:
"The Surprising Truth About What Hollywood Execs Want,
Why They Rarely Find It...
And The Surefire Way To Deliver Every Time."

Dear Friend,
Congratulations. In the act of writing, word by word and page by page you're taking those all-important first steps toward your future, and one good pitch meeting could change your life forever. But those of you who are serious about realizing your dreams know as well as I do that you need to maximize every possible opportunity to advance your project and get noticed.
Like you, I'm a creative person with a passion for story. I've made a lot of movies and TV series happen in the past 10 years, but I wasn't always as successful as I am now. In fact, far from it. I remember my first few projects well. I was long on enthusiasm, short on experience, and what I didn't know ended up hurting me, big time. To be honest, I fell flat on my face. All the time, money, and hope I'd invested always seemed to come to nothing.
Since then, I've spent years working with some of the best and brightest writers, directors and producers in the industry and with companies like Lionsgate, Anonymous Content, and Jerry Bruckheimer TV. In helping set up over 2000 projects, what's the number one thing I've learned? That the real players in the industry don't just rely on luck, they build lasting value for a lifetime.
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Whether you're looking to build a paying career or take just one truly great project all the way to the finish line, you've got to take the industry seriously and be helpful to others over the long term. It's about cultivating a deeper understanding and making a contribution.
You've probably heard that entertainment is a business of relationships, but most emerging screenwriters don't really know what that means. It's not about having the most friends at the cocktail party, or having someone's business card--you've got to serve a purpose in the marketplace, and deliver something that other people can benefit from.
Here are the top 3 mindsets I've learned that every emerging screenwriter absolutely must know:
1. Be Good. It's not just about having a good idea. You've got to be really good at what you do – your craft, your pitch, your ability to work well with others - all the time, every time.
2. Be Interesting. Find out what you're truly passionate about and where it intersects with what audiences find compelling (and will pay money to see).. So don't pretend to be something you're not. Authenticity + Market Demand = Success.
3. Be Helpful. This is the big one, the one that if you master, Hollywood will truly open its doors to you. Interestingly enough, this simple notion is the cornerstone of all effective sales and marketing: identifying others' problems and solving them.
Even if you're not trying to establish a full-time career in the industry you still need to present yourself as a professional when you pitch any project, because the gatekeepers are always looking for reasons to say no.
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Good luck,
Nat Mundel
Voyage Media Founder and CEO
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