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This sunday

Spend too much time getting this blog up and running --- had planned to do some writing (well some re-writting!) but didn't get too it --- if I ever want to get to THE END or FADE OUT this is not the way!

Must confess - it have been a few bad months lately for me --- I don't seem to get any thing done (writing I mean!) don't know if it's the writer block thing that stops me from writting or all sort of other things/problems that keep getting in the way --- it's not  good to find excuses not to write  --- but it hasn't been easy to stay focussed and keep the engery to stay behind the keyboard.

I am hoping to enter a project in a competition and that has a deadline --- early June --- that is next month --- in about four weeks --- and time does fly doesn't it? SO I better get cracking and get that draft polished and finished ---

If you are interested --- this is the competition --- perhaps if you are a writer feel free to enter!

Hope you had a fine Sunday and a good week ahead ---

Wish my week will be good for writing --- I really need to get this done ---

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