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Review: David Tennant in True Love | Radio Times

Review: David Tennant in True Love | Radio Times

This is why writers sweat, panic, re-write - rewrite again and again, draft after draft into the early hours of the night, carry a notebook around for getting the ideas that pop up noted, delete most what they have been sweating over for hours, days, weeks, months because they know this great scene & line really doesn't fit any more in the story. And that is why this didn't work - because no actor will do this - he will take the idea & the character and create a great scene - but without the proper long period of brooding out a story the scenes and dialogues gets lost. Because there is no story frame to hang them on!

There are people who are writers there others who are actors - let us both agree on this fact that we both have part to play in the creation of great TV and movies and theatre. But let stick to our part of the job as otherwise it will run into a muddle of confusion and prattle --- these great actors deserved a proper scripted scenes! This may work for fringe theatre where a few cult followers will join actors to see something different but it's not for TV or films.

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